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The development of IT is so fast, which contributed in every corner of life. Internet era came to the entire area of our activity. The rate of development of IT impact on the increasing need for the application of IT in the business world. Business competition is increasingly harsh, demanding his every people which want tosurvive be able to innovate implementing support tools to always be able to survive or at least not far behind. One of that tool is supporting the empowerment of information technology. To meet that need, we came with a myriad of solutions in the field of IT. Our long experience in the IT business environment as well as in handling projects directly from our clients in Japan with high quality demands and deadlines are very short, pumping our spirit and boost our confidence to be able to work better. We are ready to provide solutions in the IT field for the betterment of your business or activity

PT.ALAISYS is established since 2010 in the field trade, industry, and services. We offer many product in trade bussiness, industry, or services. Our product such as:

  • In the filed of trade section which covered export, import, trade and stationery office equipment informatics and multimedia, electrical, and electronics, computers and equipment trade electronics, distributors, agents and as representatives of corporate bodies.
  • In the field of Industry which covers a wide range of industries, among others, industry, among others viewer tool, measuring, febrikasi electrical, and electronics, computers and peripherals, ccomponents assembly so (Electronic), telecommunication transmission equipment.
  • field services include installation services, and maintenance computer, computer network peripheral computer services, hardware and peripherals, software development, education services

We are also manufacturing companies who provide professional solutions in the areas of education, interactive whiteboard, multimedia microscope, a microscope, a document camera, a language lab, language lab software wireless, language laboratory and office systems. We believe only high technology that can bring progress in the teaching and learning environment, and we continue to strive to develop and improve education through technology that can simplify the process of delivering information interactively so that the performance of the company more effective and efficient.


With products interactive whiteboards, teachers can operate the computer on board and immediately write all kinds of information with a pen or a finger. Word documents, PowerPoint, images, etc. can also be modified or marked, the information content can also be stored, printed or sent via email, demonstration classes and the teacher's voice can be in the form of a file to be reviewed after the class ended, so the learning process become more interactive, effective and efficient.


PDP / LCD Touch Display can improve the technology equipment at this time the army command and send the campaign intent on improving the education system so that the command of the army management and military maps can be displayed with a quick scan, showing clearly the battlefield, with the aim of helping the commanders make decisions dalampertempuran best. In addition, the screen can be marked and written in a flexible, help commanders to develop and discuss joint strategies as well as providing a superior base. With the display of multimedia data, Extremely flexible, critical information can be protected as confidential files. Here is an example of the use of interactive whiteboards in the military field:

  • military command remotely
  • Analysis of information from intelligence / reconnaissance
  • Military Conference
  • military academy, military training sandboxes and physical exercise on the map


iTBoard Staylus Portable, iTBoard Stayler Portable can be used in discussions, conferences, business training, announcements and advertising as well as display and demonstration of the product as well as a resolution. PDP / LCD Touch Display facilitate group interaction during the virtual meeting featuring images outpouring of ideas and record the proceedings. Recorded documents will automatically establish standard files that can be distributed after the meeting, and increase the effectiveness of business discussions and product demonstrations, handling government affairs official, and so on. Interactive whiteboard can also be used as an assistant in finance, savings banks, allowing information to be sent accurately, timely, flexible via the internet.