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    Globe interactive student can learn fascinating facts about continents, countries, capitals, music, currency, highest points and so much more. Play game mode that prompts student to find geographic points of interest before time runs out, this game mode up to four players

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    A truly advanced interactive globe utilizing digital geographic technology. It is an educational and entertaining globe that contains geography and general information that is truly interesting, useful, and thought provoking.

itmap - Globe Interaktif

Globe Interactive is a globe that can interact with users as it may sound and video that explain the currency, country names, capitals, songs, language, area, population, time,, history, leaders and many others. Globe Interactive explain the information in the Indonesian language. In addition to menu information, the Interactive Globe is also a game with different levels of difficulty and can be played in multiplayer. Filtur to compare the distance, popilasi, currency, area and a few other things between countries with one another also included in this product


Diameter Globe32 inch
Dasar DudukanMenu globe dan peta interaktif Negara Indonesia
LayarTFT LCD Touch Screen
Dimensi Layar2.4 inch
PowerBattery Charger
Memory8 GB