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    Infrared Technology

    Using infrared technology, Interactive Board Portable Easy can be used on any solid media which has non-reflective such as blackboard, whiteboard, wall, etc. It transforms those surface into interactive whiteboards. Using stylus as a computer mouse you can access any function of PC / laptop from the surface where Interactive Board Portable Easy Shoots to

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    Easy to Carry

    Interactive Board Portable Easy is of small volume so it is easy to carry to different places of meeting, classes or presentations. Should a permanent solution required, Interactive Board Portable Easy can be mounted to the ceiling. It can also be-attached to underside / upperside of a ceiling mounted projector

iTBoard - Portable Easy

TBoard - Portable Easy - IWB is a square -shaped tool that lasers are equipped with a stylus pen , the results are useful technological innovations alter the function of the projector screen ( wall , board , etc. ) into a touch screen . When used during the learning process / presentation , it would be easy to use portable interactive . Due to the easy portable , the master can directly write , draw , and the other on the projector screen , when connected via a projector and laptop tools . In other words , Portable Easy - IWB move the work function of a computer / laptop to the projector screen


Detection Technology IR LED
Active Area (max projection size)150 inch diagonal
Active Area (horizontal angle)33 +/- 2 degrees
Active Area (vertical angle) 0-30 degrees
Calibration Technology IR Positioning
Active Distance (from projection screen)1.5 ¨C 5 m
Connectivity Interface1 x USB Cable (connection distance up to 40 m)
Power Requirement 4.5 ¨C 9 W (from USB port)