• dokcam.jpg Implementation ITCam

    College professor performing an experiment in chemistry class with solutions and beakers, a teacher highlighting a specific portion in a textbook, and an office manager giving a presentation to colleagues on the latest business developments - all of these scenarios would benefit from ITCam.

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    Demonstrate Your Document

    Clearly demonstrate your documents to all of your coworkers or employees in the meeting room with an ITCam

iTCam - Portable Dokumen Kamera M08

ITCam, also known as document camera or visual presenters are real-time image capture devices for displaying an object to a large audience. Typical applications for a document camera include lecture hall / classroom use or presentation of material in conferences, meetings and training sessions. A document camera is a great classroom management tool. For example, the teacher can use the document camera to display a kitchen timer while the class is working in groups or independently. A picture schedule can also be displayed to help English Language Learners understand directions. By allowing all students to view an item simultaneously, document cameras also have the ability to streamline show-and-tell. The presenter does not have to walk slowly around the room to show everyone his or her treasure.


Camera5.0 mega pixels
Image Resolution2595 x 1944 pixels
Image FormatJPG / BMP / TIF / PNG
Video FormatAVI
External Flash MemoryMicro TF Card
Support Preview Photo On LCD ScreenYes