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    iTVote completely integrates into Microsoft Power Point. Instructor can display questions, survey and votes that allow every audiences to select a response via the remote keypad and transmit the data immediately to the PC / Laptops

    iTVote aplication such as :
      - Teaching Environment
      - Corporate Conference
      - Examinationz / Quiz
      - Medical Forum
      - Presentation
      - Training
      - Seminar
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    iTVote divided into 2 device keypad, Instructor and Student keypad. Wireless instructor keypad converts an existing Power Point Presentation into a survey or exam by one click while student keypad can be using by each student to answer question or polling. All responses are automatically collected within seconds. The help feature (hand-up) students can directly ask for assistance on discussed topics.

iTVote - Interaktif Voting

iTVote also called portable wireless digital evaluation could invite students / audiend join and participate in presentations or teaching through feedback to questions - questions interactively. Using iTVote wireless interactive voting system makes the presentation "Power Point" you will be more attractive in the collection of data and an assessment tool that is sophisticated in data collection and timely response and dramatically improve productivity and the results of the education and the business environment


TechnologyWireless Technology - 2.4
DisplayLCD Display
Key ButtonsButton with alphabet / numeric / symbol
Battery Requirment3V / 6V - X2
Transmission / Receiving DistanceOver 80 Meters
Power Saving ModeProgrammable Sleeping Mode
RF Wavelenght2.4 GHz ( 30 channels )
DImmension USB PC Receiver65mm(w) x 65mm(h) x Exclude the Antenna